Infographic: Mind your social media grammar and intended audience!

Grammar is more important in social media than we previously suspected! While it may be clear that such important in blogs, grammar (and punctuation) in particular can affect the engagement that your SM posts receive. Curiously though, some punctuation has the opposite effect on engagement on various platforms. 

As the infographic shows, it also matters whether your messages are intended for B2B or B2C.  Timing as well, is critical for your posting activity and can affect whether or not you are shared or unseen. 

The information contained in this infographic from Compendium is based on a typical assortment of businesses averaged, so you’ll need to figure out what works optimally for your channels.  There exist a number of free tools to assist you to determine best times to post and tweet your content and we suggest that you assess accordingly so that your content garners the visibility it deserves.

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  1. Good infographic. Minding your SEO and social media Ps and Qs requires a sold project manager mindset, for sure.

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