Small business owners in the know are increasingly concentrating on Blended Search Optimization to increase their Web visibility. If you haven’t begun optimizing, now is the time to do so.

What are blended results? Well, there are about 20 different types, ranging from blog results, book and news results, image and video results and a plethora of many others. As Google is a leading giant in the search engine world, they’ve maintained a more conservative approach. Why drive away existing searchers, right? While they have updated the form and approach to search results, they have steered away from the traditional “one-box” display, to blended results including featured news, images, video links and more.

By selecting search terms and phrases (keywords), often combined geographic locations carefully written in to both the visible semantic content of your website as well as the non-visible meta-content, our Internet Marketing Team will implement an effective Web marketing system that will cause your small business website to become increasingly visible under a widening range of keywords on the biggest internet search engines. Today, increasingly, SEO means a full gamut of coordinated Web properties and data records, combined artfully and scientifically to synchronize in the most optimal way in order to garner maximum Internet visibility mojo.

Search-Results-AnatomyADMAX Mojo provides search engine optimization and Web visibility mojo for small businesses that is tailored towards reaching targeted prospective customers.

While search engine optimization does not require any proprietary software, it does require marketing knowge and dedication. Our search visibility experts are dedicated to your results.

While the SEO techniques currently being used are not being eliminated, it behooves website owners to embrace new practices for optimization. Here are a few examples of what you can do for better search results.

— Include descriptive text and keywords your images and videos. Always include your URL in the video or brand the video your logo.

— Include links for News and Press Releases; optimize the same way as you do for your website.

— Optimize locally first. The people in your neighborhood may not know about you, once they do, their online reviews will help you to reach distant clients. Include location based content and be sure to use the most current information in real time.

Blended Search is a viable way to connect your target market. If your audience is able to research your services or products ease, they will feel more confident in your business and be more likely to buy from you. As Blended Search is the newest mutation in search engine evolution, it has already shown a great impact on how people receive their search results.

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