Great Content for SEO is Paramount

Great Content for SEO is Paramount

Poor or low content is to be avoided — nothing new about that. But there are several news-worthy concepts revealed as uber-SEO Bruce Clay joins Search Engine Journal’s Murray Newlands on video, describing the increasing need for quality content within SEO. Bruce calls for “better content — great content for SEO.”  Great content is a fundamental component of SEO success.

In the interview, Clay describes great content for SEO issues, including:

– How SEOs can cope with Google’s penalties for poor-quality content and bad links.
– Content’s ability to deliver a “one-two punch,” leading to better and natural links and improved user experience. People inherrently link to great content, and having more organic links improves the quality of your website in Google algorithm terms, also.
– Great content for SEO also seeks to match your customers’ verbal lexicon. You should always use the terminology that your customers use and leverage the keywords that they likely utilize when Googling.

Bruce also reveals tips for fixing poor-quality content efficiently.

– Having many content pages is not enough. As the Google algorithm becomes increasingly honed, quality great content for SEO becomes increasingly important.
– Adding 100 great pages may not make much difference if there are still 100 low-quality pages on the site.
– It is better to remove or rewrite low-quality pages than to let them pull down your average quality.


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    I am not certain the place you are getting your info, but great topic and conclusions. Content IS the new SEO.

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