Marketing used to be a one-way broadcast from the marketer to the consumer. Previously, communications were “streamed” exclusively through mass marketing channels like radio, TV and newspapers.

If you have doubts about social media and its long term beneficial impact on your business.  If you think social media for small businesses is a fad, watch this short 2:30 minute video and then think again —

Today an effective social marketing strategy is inevitable for a business to establish its presence online and flourish in the industry, no matter it is local or international, small or medium, or a large enterprise. In other words, a social marketing strategy serves as a perfect platform for both businesses and customers to communicate with each other on a real time basis.
It is estimated that such online social media services as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Youtube have more than 750 million users combined. In fact, with social marketing, a company can easily liaise with the clients, thereby getting a clear picture on such significant matters as new product launch, expected sales and competition levels. At the same time, it enables customers to ask questions and receive quick responses from the businesses. In fact, a great thing regarding social marketing is that it is extremely contrast to the traditional marketing techniques that are mostly in the form of one-way broadcast from marketer to the customer.

Thats a very diffirent story today. Now with social media, much of the communication is controlled by the prospects through services like Yout Tube,Facebook and Twitter

Think about it… Last time you were in the market for a new smart phone, TV, home repair service etc I bet you checked out product reviews and details about the product or service before spending any money.

Some very powerfull social media marketing services.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have more than 700 million users now and YouTube alone gets 300 million visitors a month! You want to advertise where your customers are.

If devised and used wisely, a social media marketing strategy can prove to be a great marketing tool and helps you to build brand, goodwill, loyalty and customer base with much ease. However, the key to the success of a social marketing strategy is the way it’s being utilized. Here comes the importance of a professional social marketing management company.

Hire a social media marketing expert.

To make your business a success ou need a Social Media expert to help you plan and execute online and mobile marketing strategies. You can choose to try to learn everything about setting up a socal media marketing plan yourself or you can let us do it for you with zero extra effort on your part.

To really make your social media campaign a huge success, we would develop a deep understanding of your business. Your accomplishments and goals are what we are after. We will discover these in the interview and gain a deeper knowledge about the nature of your business and develop a campaign based on what your customer would like to see. We will employ the following methods over the campaign:

Custom design of Facebook fan page

Custom design of Twitter profile

Post unique content to networking sites

Market fan pages on popular groups and profiles

Run ad campaigns targeted at specific followers

Facilitate your employees using the company social media

Interact with clients and customers via site discussions

Respond to customer service inquiries and questions

Encourage conversions and feedback

So let us help you to generate your business sales by advertising your products and services in the right place where your customers actually hang out! Please feel free to contact us to get more information on our services or to receive a no-obligation consultation.