How Graphic Design Enhances Visitor Engagement & Conversion

Ricky Rocha Loures

About Ricky Rocha loures –

Senior digital designer for ADMAX, Ricky is a Brazilian presently residing in South Florida where he received his Bachelors of Science in Digital Arts & Design at Full Sail University. Currently pursuing his masters degree, he is “inspired to be inspiring.” Ricky has received accolades for his agency and independent design work from several notable clients. Review more of Ricky’s portfolio here.


For a company branding and logo, and its website presentation, to work synergistically, both must have the potential for invoking increased confidence and interaction from the very first moments of the initial visit. This in turn produces measurably increased sales for e-commerce sites, and increased inquiry-lead flow for B2B sites.

good graphic design makes your website convert better“So you refined your keywords, optimized your bids, and written AdWords text ads that pull in tons of targeted clicks. But after looking at your Google Analytics reports you realize that your landing page has a bounce rate of 91 percent.  This means that 91 percent of the users coming to your site are quickly glancing around and leaving deciding this site isn’t for them.”  – Google Adwords

Veteran pro-designer Bill Haig explains

Like most perception at an early stage, this is a visual thing. We make judgments based on first impressions of surface traits, from a person’s looks to his or her dress. The same holds true with the company logo and home page design. It is all about trusting the company behind the website from a few visual cues at first glance.  This is called “surface credibility”.

Here is how it works.

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