Creative SEO Tip: Newsjacking

Adam Stetzer at Search Engine Journal wrote about another concept that dovetails nicely with “seo-content”: Newsjacking is a newer idea in SEO, but a natural extension of content marketing. While it sounds like a negative term, it is not.

Newsjacking is a technique in which marketers ride existing demand associated with breaking news for exposure. In other words, smart marketers know there is extremely high demand for breaking news stories and use this to their advantage by contributing to the overall discussion.

newsjacking-graphWhat is newsjacking?

 – Paying attention to breaking news

 – Understanding the keywords being searched for in a particular news cycle

 – Producing high-quality, well-researched content that serves a specific demand for information

 – Syndicating content very quickly to be found when other news organizations search for sources.

Small businesses can’t newsjack any story, it has to be related to their space. But most businesses won’t have difficulty finding breaking news that somehow relates to their business.

For example, a high profile fire in a historic building could be used by a construction company to highlight the importance of local code and inspections. A bank robbery could be used by a home security company to discuss the merits of a reliable security system. In both cases, working in a natural sentence that highlights the company’s position will not be difficult.

Dario Zadro at ZadroWeb’s blog posts –

Newsjacking is quickly becoming a go to tool for SEOs and Content Marketers looking to garner increased attention for their brand or business. The term was first made popular in David Meerman Scott’s ebook, but the concept has been around for a while. Remember keyword stuffing the latest news trends and searches? That old dinosaur tactic might help put this new idea into perspective, but this is actually a solid white-hat technique. At its most basic, newsjacking is associating your brand, blog or business with a breaking news story, and riding the wave of media attention to amplify your own online profile. In essence, hijacking that news story for the purposes of directing online interest to your own product or service.

Again, newsjacking isn’t really new at all. Public relations firms have been using this technique, or something very like it, for as long as there have been advertising campaigns. But with the rise of social media, and the speed with which daily news stories are shared across the internet, newsjacking offers content marketers and SEOs a new way to inject their voice into the national conversation. All while getting some welcome recognition and publicity. But newsjacking can have its pitfalls, and handled poorly can have disastrous effects. Here are some tips to help you make the most of newsjacking, while avoiding any possible embarrassment.

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