Twitter Is Dying!! (No it’s Not)

twitter is dying says the atlantic

A recent article in The Atlantic proclaimed that Twitter is dying (Eulogy for Twitter), but The Atlantic is dead wrong and here’s why.

Twitter used to be a sort of surrogate newsroom/barroom where you could organize around ideas with people whose opinions you wanted to assess. Maybe you wouldn’t agree with everybody, but that was part of the fun. But at some point Twitter narratives started to look the same. The crowd became predictable, and not in a good way. Too much of Twitter was cruel and petty and fake. Everything we know from experience about social publishing platforms—about any publishing platforms—is that they change. And it can be hard to track the interplay between design changes and behavioral ones. In other words, did Twitter change Twitter, or did we?

twitter is dyingAuthors Adrienne LaFrance and Robinson Meyer claim, “Twitter is entering its twilight,” even though more people are using Twitter than ever.  And they offer no evidence to support their hypothesis. “A lot of this argument comes down to what we feel,” they write. “Communities can’t be fully measured by how many people are in them.  So as we suss out cultural changes, relying on first-hand experience is a first step.”

In other words, “Twitter is dying because we say it’s dying.”

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Infographic: Key Statistics Every Marketeer Should Know

If you are an Internet marketing professional endeavoring to possess all the know-how required to get the maximum out of social media in your marketing efforts, chances are, you will learn something from this highly insightful new infographic from Austrailia-based The Website Marketing Group.

15 key statistics ALL Web marketers should know, for example …

Twitter is hands down the fastest-growing social network in the world, booking an amazing 40+ percent growth in active users between June 2012 and March 2013

Some 93 percent of marketers now use social media for business

Facebook has over 650 million daily users

Nearly 50 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day

GRA - social stat inforgraphic_ed copy


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Infographic: B2B Content Marketing on the Rise

Business-to-business (B2B) content marketing use is on the increase, with 60% of B2B marketers planning to accelerate content marketing spend over the next year, according to the second annual B2B Content Marketing Study—North America report (PDF), produced by Content Marketing Institute and Brightcove.

Fully six in ten B2B marketers (60%) intend to increase their clients’ content marketing budget over the next 12 months (compared with 55% last year), and 72% percent are generating more content than they were 12 months ago, according to the report.

Other highlights of the study include:

– 90% of B2Bmarketers are using content marketing, compared with 82% last year.
– 39% of B2B marketers consider themselves effective at content marketing—up from 32% last year.
– B2B marketers have rated many tactics higher in effectiveness this year; in-person events and e-newsletters top the list of effective tactics.
– B2B marketers are using all social platforms more often, with LinkedIn use registering the biggest jump (from 51% to 71%).

B2B content marketing statistics for 2014

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ADMAX SEO Client Joins INC-5000

ADMAX SEO Client cloud computing INC 500

Three cheers and a big congratulations are in order for ADMAX SEO client Cloud9 Real Time – Cloud9 has just been recognized as one of America’s  fastest growing private technology companies by INC. in that magazine’s 32nd annual awards roster.

cloud computing INC 5000 winnerLaunched in 1982, the INC-500|5000 is a prestigious list of the nation’s most successful private companies and has become a hallmark of entrepreneurial prowess.

Cloud9 Real Time President/CEO, Robert J. Chandler commented, “It’s a great honor to be recognized by Inc. Magazine, one of the few publications that is dedicated exclusively to privately held companies that are producing innovative ideas.”

admax client top-100 INC 500 IT companies for 2013Cloud9 made the Top-60 in IT Service nationally, Top-100 private companies in California and number 9 among San Diego County companies. A complete list of all companies awarded can be found at

“Cloud9’s growth has been tremendous over the past 4 years and we are looking forward to an even stronger 2014!,” added Mr. Chandler.

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Google Glass Segment on SNL!

google glass woman

The latest in ‘augmented reality‘ – Google Glass is a new wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display that is being developed by Google in the Project Glass research and development project, with the mission of producing a mass-market ubiquitous computer.  

Google Glass displays information in a smartphone-like hands-free format, that can interact with the Internet via natural language voice commands.

While the frames do not currently have lenses fitted to them, Google is considering partnerships with sunglass retailers such as Ray-Ban or Warby Parker, and may also open retail stores to allow customers to try on the device.

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Domain Clustering Change: Fewer Results From Same Domain

google domain clustering changes

Google’s search and SEO guru gatekeeper, Matt Cutts, posted a recent video about new shifts coming to Google’s algorithm affecting the diversity of the search outcomes being displayed.

Cuts shared that Google is“soon” to make a shift that will make it less likely to see multiple results from the same domain name, if you already have been shown that domain name in previous results three or four times before.  Cutts explained that once you’ve seen a cluster of about four results from a specific domain name, the subsequent pages are going to be less likely to show you results from that domain name.

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Infographic: Business Owners Working More with Less Time

Manta small business marketing

Last year’s summer Manta survey of 1,200 small businesses shows that 60% will work even more this year with 50% highly considering not taking summer holidays. The ECSB (Enterprise Council on Small Business) has stated that a third of small business owners, this being largely comprised of self-employed individuals, operate for 50 hours each week. It has also been found that about 70% of the same individuals have decided not to hire new personnel for their businesses, which means even more work for them in the future. This is a sharp rise from the 57% last year.

manta small business healthAs for the small number of SMBs that will manage to go for holidays during the summer, it will not be all about basking in the summer sun! They also plan to work while on holidays through their mobile devices. 70% of these individuals will frequently be going through their mail and other business-related tasks.

“As a small business owner, I don’t have the luxury to ever really shut off from my business,” said Terry Benton, owner of Louisiana-based Terry’s Fabric Cottage. “While it can sometimes be a double-edged sword, my mobile device allows me to stay connected so I can enjoy time away from the office. Innovative mobile apps help me stay connected and ensure other partners and prospects can find my company anytime, anywhere as well.”

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SEO For Accounting Firms, CPAs and Other Professional Practices

SEO for CPAs and accountants

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, for accounting firms and other professional practices, is a procedural strategy whereby a CPA firm expends large sums of money and/or valuable time adjusting its Internet-based content and related factors with the goal of ranking higher in the ‘organic’ (or natural) search engine results served up by Google (principally) and Bing, Yahoo, AOL and (secondarily).

— Originally published at Cloud9 Real Time


One of the immediate things we do when exploring an SEO relationship with an accounting or other professional services firm is a short assessment of their website.

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Big SEO Killers That Must Be Avoided in 2013

There’s much discussion of Google killing SEO through the recent Panda and Penguin algorithms, which continue to ensnare more and more websites with every new update. Recurringly, announcements of the death of SEO are increasingly frequent.  Many webmasters have seen their hard-earned organic search traffic collapse in the cae of ever frequent search algorithm updates.

But Really: Is SEO Dead?

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”
-Mark Twain

Panda updates an SEO killerAnalytics data showing losses of over 50% of Google organic traffic is not uncommon for afflicted websites, and traffic that used to increase over time, suddenly took a huge dip. These patterns certainly make it look as if SEO could be dead.

But Is SEO Really Dead? (From Jill Whalen at SiteProNews) –

In order to answer that question I went back through the multitude of lost traffic site audit reports I’ve been doing since early 2011. I looked for website problems that were consistent through many of the sites I reviewed.

It didn’t take long for me to conclude that, while SEO was certainly not dead, SEO tricks and shortcuts were definitely on life support – if not already completely dead.

So if you relied on tricks and shortcuts, then yes, for you SEO is dead.

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Video Mojo For Attorneys

Imagine you requiring the services of an attorney but having no idea about the nearest attorney office. Now what? You will search for attorney online –obviously. Now let us suppose that there is an attorney website where you see videos about the attorney explaining insights about the law,sharing his success stories,and appears just the right attorney for your specific requirements.

You have one more option,attorney site,which does not provide interaction (videos) or tell you much about the attorney firm. Which one would you select out of the two? Obviously,the first!

However,you will find many sites belonging to the second category than the first. The worst part is that most of the sites,belonging to the first category,are not educative for bringing a sense of trust and credibility in mind of the individual seeking attorney services online. This is the reason why attorney service providers,all over the world,need to realize that they need to appear as trustworthy entities than mere entities.

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Small businesses not excited to pay Facebook for enhanced marketing

MerchantCircle Social Media Facebook Twitter Survey Small Business

Facebook is the preferred social media channel for small companies trying to leverage free social media offerings from networks to promote their products and practices, but when it came to paid social media offerings, the reality was quite different, according to a recent small business poll of 3,434 MerchantCircle member merchants, conducted by Reply.

MerchantCircle Local search ADMAX

When queried what zero-cost social networking sites they used to market their businesses, survey participants in the distinct majority named Facebook, at over 68 percent, topping Google Plus (49 percent), Twitter (33 percent), other (19 percent), and none (18.5 percent).David Cohen at reports – 

74.3 percent of respondents said they did not use any paid products from social networks to promote their businesses, with only 6.6 percent using Facebook’s offerings, compared with 12.6 percent for Google Plus, 10.8 percent for other, and 1.3 percent for Twitter. 

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What Was Facebook Thinking?

Just in case you haven’t heard: Facebook is paying $1 billion to acquire photo sharing app darling, Instagram. Huh? How could Zuckerberg possibly think it’s worth anywhere near that much? All Things Digital reported that assorted VCs assessed Instagram at $500 million before funding it with $50 million in venture capital.

“If you find it odd that in one room Instagram was negotiating a billion dollar sale, while in another closing a funding deal, you’re not alone,” writes Ron Miller at Fierce Content.

But it’s not half as odd as Facebook paying twice as much for Instagram as the companies providing that funding think it’s worth. Was somebody else bidding against Facebook?

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30 Social Media Predictions for 2012

Story by Cindy King

Experts at Social Media Examiner look at he top 30 influences for 2012.

How will social media impact businesses in 2012?

We sought expert opinions from a wide range of pros you’re likely familiar with.

We are grateful for dozens of social media professionals who have written over 600 articles for us since we started Social Media Examiner in October 2009.

To give you a glimpse of what we can expect in next 12 months, we decided to tap ir knowledge expertise. Here are ir predictions of where social media is headed in next 12 months.

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Online Yellow Pages Mojo!

We’re not biased… its simply a fact – the MojoPages are now America’s favorite way to locate local merchants and services.  The MojoPages are the people-powered online yellow pages that show searchers which merchants have got their mojo on!

Visit: MojoPages

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Four Simple Steps to Video Marketing Gold

So business is booming. But you still want a little more traffic, a lot more revenue. How do you climb to the top of the list, over your competitors? You may already be familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but have you thought about putting social media sites to use? That’s right; I said it, Social Media. I am not talking about Facebook, Myspace or any of those dot com forums. I’m talking about Video Hosting Sites. Sites like Youtube, Kewego, Daily Motion and MetCafe.

It’s the next frontier in internet marketing. Not only can you rise to the top of a search engine by selecting specific keywords that highlight your expertise or steer the masses towards your product but you can utilize the social media world. Internet Video Marketing is enjoying exponential growth right now, which means more money for those that know how to put it to use.

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Grasping Video SEO

Or, How to Climb to the Top in Internet Video Marketing

You’ve got a fantastic video with high quality imaging and sound advertising your product or services provided. That’s enough to drive traffic to your site, right? Not so much. You need to get your video optimized for search first. This is not as difficult as you might think.

If you’ve already begun the process of optimizing your site by selecting keywords meant to direct traffic your way, you can do the same for your internet video marketing. Capitalizing on social media sites like Youtube can increase your success rate in regards to video advertisement and conversion, thereof.

It’s easy to post videos on any platform but platform selection is the first step to your internet video marketing strategy. Cross-posting is one way to make sure you are reaching the intended audience but you could also be wasting time and money, both too precious to just throw away. The most advantageous way to post your videos is selecting the platform most suitable for the product you’re advertising.

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MerchantCircle Mojo

merchantcircle small business social network

The amazing and FREE MerchantCircle online directory and marketing platform includes a premium business listing and blog, branded as YOUR business page, as well as online ads, e-newsletter generator, and coupon distribution. Once you have created your advertisement or banner, MerchantCircle distributes it across the Internet, search page indexed and positioned, to be seen by shoppers and customers searching for a business like yours in your market.

merchantcircle small business social network


Can customers find your business online? Make sure they can find you when they need you Local Search Advertising from ADMAX MOJO and MerchantCircle.

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Digital Mojo News

Digital Mojo News is an up-to-date news posting source for all things digital and the public face of  ‘THE’ Digital Mojo (we have no illusions), a marketing services company that acquires new customers on behalf of its Partners in a variety of industries from entertainment programming to high-speed internet access. Digital Mojo’s partner relationships  are performance-based.

Visit: Digital Mojo News


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